Friday, November 30, 2018

Just a short note:

Kid's Stuff RETURNS!

That's right! Starting on Monday, The Crapbox begins its annual march to Christmas with twice a week (maybe more?) reviews of comics aimed squarely at the younger set. We'll put the FORGOTTEN HEROES back in the Crapbox, but something tells me they won't be in there for long. Too many good ones got away without a review for me to not revisit that stack sometime early 2019. 

However, there will be a slight change to Kid's Stuff this year.
In the past I've focused Kid's Stuff on toy tie-ins, but this year I thought I'd do something a little different. While there are still MOUNDS of toys and video game comics floating around in the Crapbox, I thought we could tackle a different set of books. As a change of pace, so to speak.

That's why this year I'll be digging out comics that were spinoffs of new or old kid's cartoons. I'm dubbing this year's run up to Christmas "Kid's Stuff: Saturday Morning Cartoon Edition"! And sure, some of the books you'll see were more weekday afternoon programming but I'm not quibbling. If it was animated and on TV for kids at some point, into the hopper it goes. The idea is still the same: review books for their content while tickling those old nostalgia funny-bones.

Hope you enjoy this trip back in time to sitting around Saturday Morning in front of the tube eating sugary cereal in your PJ's. I know I'm having a blast with them so far! 

As a teaser, I'll be kicking off Saturday Morning Cartoon Edition on Monday with the COOLEST CAT ever to cross the television screen. Let the speculation begin!

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